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SEPS Results

Hey all, I’m going to get back into updating the site, since I have more time now days.


Results from us at SEPS weren’t the best,  placed 12th out of 14 teams. We were aiming for one win, and we got it.  It was great to win at least one game. We got a lot of penalties, so we could have placed higher, had we done better. It was fairly disappointing, but all’s well. The entire team had a great time driving down, staying at the hotel, playing, etc. etc.

I took a ton of pictures, but I’m unsure about how I’m going to upload them. I might just take the time to save them all and then upload them. It’ll come in due time.
Other news, I think we’re hitting up Goin’ Postal at Asylum this weekend. I’m thinking next practice should be April 9th.  I’m also going to get around to FINALLY doing the Biography page. It’ll be fun, I promise.


Practice photos online

Just I can’t get them to be under a motherpage atm, give me a bit of time and it’ll be under the photos section. Meanwhile, please enjoy them.


Going to go ahead and update…

Hey guys, this’ll be a quick update I guess.

We’re all still here. Jon, armed with a DM9 as of now, volunteered to play as a hired gun for tourneys until he gets around to playing for a local D3 team. At least, from what I understood, he’ll practice with us sometimes.

Sanders Courtney joined the team, so we’re back up to nine guys and a coach.

Practice is going to be this weekend at Asylum. Andrew Barr, a mutual friend of the team, says there might be a scenario going on that day, but we’re not for sure. I’ve got three guys riding with me, and I should have a camera, so I’ll bring that along with me. I’ll try to get more footage this weekend, as well as pictures.

I failed with the pictures last practice. 😦


A lot of new info

So we got a group chat going on Facebook, and Rob revealed that it might be a slight possibility in us getting a Planet Eclipse sponsorship, and maybe a Raza or Tank’d one as well. Nothing is for certain, but it MIGHT happen. It’d be great if it did.


Also, I  think we have two new members of the team. Jon Wasmund (blastman) voiced opinion on joining, and Sanders Courtney, a friend of Nick’s is getting started in paintball, so we’re having him on the team once he gets all his gear together.


Life’s good so far. 😀


October Update

So after our second place finish over at Unlimited, we’re starting to look for more tournaments. Rob suggested going over to West Virginia for a tourney, but I don’t know if we’ll be able to make the four hour drive.I’m writing this from a hotel in Germany, flying home tomorrow.

I ordered Proflexes and Eyes for my marker. I think we’re going to have a practice on the 31st, and I’ll be able to bring a couple friends along for a friends birthday.

I haven’t talked with the guys too much lately, but I’ll start inquiring about what their current position is, marker set up, etc etc.

Stuart also recieved his Legend, and all the rest of his gear, so he’s set. All’s he needs is a hopper, and I think he needs to hydro his tank. If Blake is here this weekend, we’ll try to run some practices.

I’m going to email Nick right now and have him update his part of the team.


Big update

Hey everyone, I think this is going to be our biggest team update as of yet. Not posting for a while, and a lot of very recent events kind of equal a massive post.

First off, I’ll start with ‘less’ important, but equally good news. Stuart finally bought an Infinity Legend from Nick! Stuart’s been looking for a marker for approximately a year and a half now, so this is incredible news. We’re going to test it out in a few weeks when we get air, so we’ll post up a video about it. Again, thanks Nick for selling him the Legend! 😀

Secondly,  Nick used the money from the Legend to buy an Black to Pink fade Alias. The marker is 5|_|P3R agg.

Thirdly! Nick signed up himself, John, and Ein to play at Unlimited rookie tournament on their last day. We played hard, and Rob said we played very well. We got into the championship, but lost to Schupperts ‘Team America”. Congratulations on your win Schuppert! 😀 We placed second over all, and Rob’s sure with some intense practices, we’ll get better and might win some tournaments. This was a great experience overall, and we hope to do it many more times.
By the way, Rob is our coach. Rob’s been a great friend to me and everyone else, especially after I first got to play with him way back in February of this year. Rob has been extremely kind to us, and we’re so glad he’s onboard with the team.

I’ll get to updating, editing, and posting more. Until whenever we post again, Team Lineage.


No recent updates.

I’m sorry about not posting for such a long time. School has kicked in, and I’m having serious family issues. I’ll try to get the blog going, but don’t know when that’ll be possible. We’ve got a practice scheduled between now and September 19th. I’ll try to get more updates going soon.

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